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Sean Kilkenny announces Candidacy for Sheriff of Montgomery County

Sean Kilkenny announces Candidacy for Sheriff of Montgomery County

Sean Kilkenny, a resident of Montgomery County for more than 20 years has announced his candidacy for Sheriff.  Kilkenny, the son of a police officer, a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserves, and a Federal Prosecutor in the U.S. Army who had tried homicide and rape cases for more than 16 years was recommended to be the endorsed candidate by The Montgomery County Democratic Party's Executive Committee at their monthly meeting, Thursday evening.

Kilkenny has said of his run for Sheriff, “I am dedicated to keeping our streets and neighborhoods safe for our families and friends. I will fight domestic violence and ensure violators with warrants are arrested and put behind bars.” With Sean’s 19 plus years of military experience, he understands the need for a full-time Sheriff, and is best suited to the roll of Sheriff whose duties include the operation of the bomb disposal unit, (C.E.R.T.) County Emergency Response Team, in addition to the many other law enforcement related functions.

As one of the top municipal and land use attorneys in Montgomery County, Sean represents taxpayers in many local communities. He volunteers on the Boards of the Montgomery County College and the Hiway Theater of Jenkintown.

Says Kilkenny, “I am running for office to ensure the protection and safety of the Montgomery County taxpayers by promoting honesty, transparency and accountability.”

Use of military rank, job titles and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of The Army or the Department of Defense.