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Sheriff's Dept

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Department

The sheriff is called upon during riots, prison breaches, strikes, and other emergencies which are or may be a breach of the peace. In those instances, he is empowered to call upon all able-bodied adults.

Duties of the Sheriff

  • Service of all writs both criminal and civil issued by the Courts.
  • Transportation of prisoners throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and extraditions from other states for the purpose of court proceedings.
  • Issuance of permits for firearms.
  • Conduct sale of real and personal property at the request of litigants, including the city, county and state.
  • Other duties and services available from the sheriff department include bomb disposal unit, (C.E.R.T.) County Emergency Response Team, the operation of five (5) Driving Under the Influence Processing Centers, "TRIAD" program for senior citizens as well as the D.A.R.E. program for school children and major sponsor of Camp Cadet for boys and girls 11-14 years of age.

Other enumerated duties from the Mission Statement of Sheriff’s Office

  • To quell all civil unrest as provided by the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to the Office of the Sheriff.
  • To provide services, such as those provided by the Bomb and Hazardous Device Disposal Unit, Emergency Response Teams, and Patrol Units, and to provide assistance to all municipalities throughout Montgomery County and surrounding counties as requested.
  • To participate in Montgomery County Police Association Mutual Aid and Training Programs.
  • To participate in mutual aid and training programs with the surrounding sheriffs and with the Southeastern Pennsylvania Terrorism Task Force (Homeland Security).
  • To serve bench warrants, protection from abuse orders, and civil papers throughout Montgomery County.
  • To transport detainees safely and efficiently from their respective institutions to the courthouse and respective courtrooms.
  • To provide the equipment, education and training to its deputies so that they can perform their duties efficiently and safely.
  • To provide processing assistance and booking services to local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies through the five D.U.I. Processing Centers, and to assist local municipalities through D.U.I. checkpoints.
  • To provide D.A.R.E instructors to the elementary schools within Montgomery County.
  • To organize and conduct sheriff’s sales in the courthouse.
  • To provide services such as TRIAD, Senior Citizens Aid in Education, D.A.R.E., and Elementary Safety Education offered in conjunction with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Citizen’s Advisory Council.
  • To provide concealed weapons permits to qualified citizens of Montgomery County.
  • To provide services as requested by the president judge of Montgomery County.
  • To provide special services as requested by the commissioners of Montgomery County.
  • To provide a safe and secure work environment for the judges and courthouse personnel while in the performance of their duties and to provide a safe and secure environment for every person who enters the courthouse.

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